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By February 20, 2018April 30th, 2022No Comments

It’s always interesting to get on milking-related chat rooms and eavesdrop on the unadulterated conversation taking place about milking issues, milking machines, and issues related to extracting the white stuff from various lactating animals. It’s even more interesting when the chatter supports the claims Udderly EZ makes about the quality of its products.

Here’s an example.

Person 1:
Anyone have experience with this milker? I’ve looked at probably a half dozen of different ones on the internet, including homemade and those for sale such as [redacted] and [redacted] and others. Of course on the website they say the Udderly EZ milker is the best, most comfortable, and safest/most healthy milker for the goat, but then there are people who say it’s no good, so I don’t know who to believe? Any thoughts, experience, or opinions on this Udderly EZ milker? thanks!

Person 2:
I don’t have any experience with [redacted] or [redacted], so I can’t compare them but I LOVE my Hand EZ milker!!! I have owned one since they first came out and milked my first cow using it! I have used it on sheep and goats.

1. It’s very clean….milk goes right in the container
2. Very easy to clean
3. Not heavy, very easy to carry
4. Inexpensive
5. Power not needed
6. Inexpensive replacement parts
7. Anyone can use it especially if you’re not coordinated enough to milk, like me

Cons: People get very frustrated because they DON’T use it properly!! They continue to pump
thinking the more they pump the faster it will go……..wrong! You have to pump and the
stop and it will flow and fill up the bottles pretty quickly. You do not injure the teat if it is used correctly!! I was tempted to get the new electric version but I don’t have enough goats to justify it and I like it quiet when I milk Hope this helps!!!!

Person 1:
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! That is the kind of first hand testimony I was looking for, either for or against this milker!

Udderly EZ with large inflation