Udderly EZ Goat Milker


Goat Milker Kit includes:

  • The Udderly EZ pump
  • 2 – #2 extraction cylinders
  • 2 silicone inflation inserts (small and medium)
    *if large is required order off the accessories page
  • Bottle nipple
  • Udder wipes
  • 1 quart, 1 pint and 1- 8 oz Colostrum collection bottles with caps
  • Operation Manual and DVD
  • Microfiber Dairy Towel

*Please allow up to 14 days for standard delivery for all foreign orders on the Ult Ez, call for a shipping quote.

**Please note: Wheeler Enterprises, Inc. will replace any Udderly EZ part shown to be defective in manufacture within 6 months of purchase with a receipt, provided the product was used in accordance with the enclosed instructions. Shipping and handling costs are not covered under warranty.


Goat Milking Machines

The UDDERLY EZ MILKER™ was designed and tested over a five-year research and development period with input from leading industry Professionals, Flock masters, Herdsmen, Veterinarians and Breeding Farm Managers from around the world.

The Udderly EZ™ Goat & Nigerian Goat Milker #EZ002r #EZ002, our goat milking machine, is the safest and most effective hand held, trigger-operated vacuum pump available. Ideal for the collection of colostrum and the milking of Does and first time fresheners with smaller teats. Besides the two-extractor tube cylinders you have two extra silicone inserts that gives you a wider range for teat sizes. This Udderly EZ™ Kit comes with one Quart bottle and one Pint bottle, colostrum collection bottles are available also. As well as a handy carrying bag. The Udderly EZ is also a great aid in the treatment for and the prevention of mastitis and will greatly reduce the need for buying expensive dry milk replacer.

Success Stories

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and during the surgery they removed 12 lymph glands from under my left arm. Suddenly in June of this year, my left arm and hand swelled from lymphedema so that I can't use this hand to milk our goats. I also have arthritis in my right wrist due to my profession as a dental hygienist for 45 years. Thanks to the UdderlyEz Milker™ I can now milk our two goats without any problems. It is fast and so “EZ” to use, and clean up is a breeze!

Susan Montana

In Dec 18th 2007 I went into the ER in Charlottesville, Va. (UVA). I was having a stroke! Un fortunately they gave me the wrong medication for a whole hour. I suffered irreversible damage to the right side of my body. Losing the use of my right dominant hand, impaired use of my right leg and had to learn to talk again, TO THINK AGAIN!! I could not spell my name! It has taken me 3 ½ years to get back to gardening, milking my goats, making cheese, soap, etc. The Udderly EZ Milker has been a godsend! I love using it, just pump and let it rip! I can do it with one hand, Buck Wheeler you are a genius and I'm forever in your debt.

Barb Tocci7 Springs Farm | Scottsville, VA

We received your Udderly EZ Milker about a week ago. It is simply WONDERFUL! It surpassed my expectations from the first evening I used it. I had used the Maggidan Milker....I've ordered 3 from them over the past couple of years. I was not very happy with it and I had many problems with it not pumping the way it should. I should have saved my money (and frustrations) and bought the Udderly EZ from the beginning. I was also very pleased to see the quality of your plastic bottles are PETE #1 and are BPA free. That is important to me as we are very concerned with what we put in our bodies. Thanks again from me and our Obies, Sable, Annie, Ludda Girl and Day Dreamer.

Elsie CorbettSmithfield, NC

This milker udderly revolutionized my life. I have been using it every day twice a day and milking two goats for 4 ½ years now. Without this piece of equipment I would have had to quit milking my girls! I get a half-gallon per milking, from each goat. With the Udderly EZ™ it doesn’t take a lot of squeezing: (which I can’t do any longer), I squeeze the trigger maybe five times to create the necessary vacuum and then sit there and watch the milk flow. When the flow slows down to almost nothing, I squeeze it a couple more times. The bottle attached to the pump fills in a few minutes—much quicker than milking by hand—with just a few squeezes on the trigger.

It’s a precision tool; each part fits perfectly so nothing falls out or goes wrong and it’s easy to clean. It’s totally carefree. I have never been so enthusiastic about an aid in my life! The EZ Milker™ is easy on the udder, and the goats like it because milking is so comfortable and quick.”

(Note: Ms. Shaw is 92 years young and has severe Carpel Tunnel Syndrome)

Dorothy ShawDairy Goat Enthusiast | New York, NY

I have a registered French Alpine doe that has a truly pendulous udder. She makes a gallon of milk or more each day, and we feed her milk to our bottle kids. Not only does her udder hang low, but mammary tissue slides down into her right teat. Milking her by hand is difficult and painful for this sweet goat.

The Udderly EZ Milker enables me to milk her quickly and without hurting her. The soft silicone insert allows her teat to enter, and it supports the mammary tissue so that it is not pinched during milking.

Your Udderly EZ Milker has enabled this goat to remain as a valued member of our small herd.

Thank you so much for your wonderful product.

Alice G. KasparQuirky Goat Farm | Alton, MO & Ganado, TX

Additional information

Weight2.5 lbs
Dimensions12 × 9 × 4 in

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