Udderly EZ Mare Milker


Mare Milker Kit includes:

  • The Udderly EZ pump
  • 2 – #2 extraction cylinders
  • 2 Silicone inflation inserts (medium and large)
    • if small is required for maiden mares, order off accessories page)
    • if large is required for draft horses, order off accessories page)
  • Bottle nipple
  • Udder wipes
  • 1 pint and 2-8oz milk/colostrum collection bottles with caps
  • Operation Manual and DVD
  • Microfiber Dairy Towel

*Please allow up to 14 days for standard delivery for all foreign orders on the Ult Ez, call for a shipping quote.

**Please note: Wheeler Enterprises, Inc. will replace any Udderly EZ part shown to be defective in manufacture within 6 months of purchase with a receipt, provided the product was used in accordance with the enclosed instructions. Shipping and handling costs are not covered under warranty.


Mare Milking Machines

The UDDERLY EZ MILKER™ was designed and tested over a five-year research and development period with input from leading industry Professionals, Flock masters, Herdsmen, Veterinarians, and Breeding Farm Managers from around the world.

The Udderly EZ™ Mare, Pony, Donkey, Mini, Mule, Milker #EZ001, our mare milking machine, is the safest and most effective handheld, trigger-operated vacuum pump available. Ideal for the collection of colostrum and milking out mares that may have NI or to milk mares for extra milk needed during that time. A must to milk mares with mastitis and use as an aid in the prevention of mastitis at weaning time. The mares kit comes with one Pint and two 8 Oz bottles for the collection of colostrums. For unruly mares or other species, it is advisable to use The Stableizer® to keep both the handler and the horse safe. The Udderly EZ carrying bag is handy to store your EZ Milker and extra bottles in.

The Udderly EZ™ Mare Milker is a hand-held trigger-operated vacuum pump used for the extraction of colostrum, the milking out of mares and other species that have mastitis, or for milking mares whose foals have inherited a different blood type than that of the mare and are at risk for NI (neonatal isoerythrolysis). Just a few pulls on the trigger, creates a vacuum in the bottle and the colostrum or milk flow starts—filling the bottle. The extraction cylinders have been designed to fit the unique shape of the mare’s and other species udders. There are two sizes and they have a rolled smooth surface to prevent harm to the soft tissue of the udder. Each kit is packed complete for each specie.


First tested the prototype of the Udderly EZ Milker® using it on a large number of mares during the 2005 foaling season as (resident veterinarian at Ashford Stud, Versailles, Kentucky.) “It worked very well, and we used it in all subsequent foaling seasons since. You just have to learn how to use it properly We take about a pint of colostrum from each mare when she foals, and label it with the mare’s name date and the strength of the colostrum.

We have a colostrum meter to check every batch to see if it is good. The thing I like about the UEZ Milker® is that it works very well when trying to get a little colostrum from a maiden mare—or any mare for that matter—because it doesn’t make their teats sore. The old way, we used to try to milk with thumb and finger, and in trying to get the milk it often irritates the teat from the friction. But with the UEZ Pump, you just slip it over the teat, and with the suction there is no irritation to the teat.” Says Umphenour.

If you have a mare that’s NI positive (milk with antibodies fatal to the foal) and you want to milk her out, this gives you an easy way to do it—to get rid of the colostrum that contains the harmful antibodies and to hasten the production of regular milk, up to 36 hours at least.” Says Umphenour. (The foal must be muzzled during this period).

In addition, one person can milk out a mare this way, without needing the extra person in the stall to hold the mare. You can use The Stableizer®(humane equine restraint and training system), putting it on the mare’s head to get her to relax, and then milk her with the Udderly EZ™ pump. One person can milk a mare this way in a much safer manner and The Stableizer® tends to have a tranquilizing effect on the mare, causing her to relax and let her milk down” says Umphenour.

– Endorsement from Dr. Norman Umphenour, DVM | Lexington, KY

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