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  • Small: Mini Horses, Llamas
  • Medium: Most all mature – Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Morgans, Etc. and Large Yearlings
  • Large: Warm Bloods, Most regular size Draft Horses, very large Thoroughbreds
  • X-Large: 2,000 Lbs and over Draft Horses

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The Stableizer®

After more than fifty-five years in the horse training, breeding, sales and Equine consulting business I have added a few more little aids that can successfully be used as an aid in the starting of young colts, and helping to break some old bad habits in a safer and more humane manner for both the horse and the handler.

I have had the extreme pleasure of instructing the starting process with The Stableizer® on young stock at some of the most successful Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse training operations in the USA and Europe. Including all 9 units of the US Army and Cavalry, and worked with the wild mustangs at the BLM and at the Governors Horse Guards, #1 and #2. We were riding those Mustangs within 1 hour.

By invitation from the director we spent one day at the Irish ISPCA and instructed their Investigators, Veterinarians and Farrier on the use of The Stableizer®. The Stableizer® is used around the world, and now we even offer our brochure in not only English but Arabic as well.

Carl Nafzger, Thoroughbred Hall of Fame and Eclipse Award Trainer (“Street Sense”, 2007 Kentucky Derby Winner & 2006 Juvenile Champion and BC Winner and “Unbridled”, 1990 Kentucky Derby Winner( said about The Stableizer:

“The Stableizer” is the greatest tool I’ve ever run into for protecting the animal, and helping you handle him. We take all the horses to the paddock with it; we used to take them all with lip chains, but The Stableizer® is more adjustable and predictable! It really makes them focus.

Success Stories

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Usually when I try to worm Dream I start out by putting her against the wall, and then shortly after that she puts me against the wall. The first wormer tube usually ends up on my coat sleeve, the second wormer tube usually ends up on the wall and the third tube usually ends up with half on her and half in her mouth. Of course after each attempt she would hold a grudge for a few days. I have owned this horse for 17 years and it has just gotten progressively worse each year. I have gone to just worming her when the vet comes to float teeth then we worm her while she has been sedated. When we tried the Stableizer, I was skeptical. I thought there is no way this is going to work. As you can see in the video, we were very successful, and there was no trauma or drama involved. I am hooked on this and now I don't have to worry about it or dread it anymore when it comes time to deworm again! Best part of it is that she was not resentful or upset about it.

Debra LoosMinerva, OH

We use The Stableizer® instead of drugs, as our primary restraint. It is a very humane way to calm horses and allows us to do the procedures that we need to do on them. When you apply it properly you can see what we think is the endorphin release that calms them in a natural way and allows theme to tolerate the vet procedure. The endorphin release is the key to that natural restraint. I think The Stableizer® is a product that anyone can learn to utilize and utilize safely. It is an easy product to apply to the horse with many benefits.

Dr. Joe Noble, DVMEquine Veterinarian | Purcell, OK

I use The Stableizer® in place of a lip chain or twitch. Most horses never get used to the pain associated with a twitch or lip chain. With The Stableizer® the horse remembers a sense of euphoria or well being that’s a big advantage because it gets better and better each time you use it. With The Stableizer®, I inject joints without using drugs. I use it for clipping and on hard-to-load horses. It’s the most humane method we have to restrain a horse with, and they are able to function or train with it on

Dr. Stacy Van Horn, DVMEquine Veterinarian | Grand Island, NE

The veterinarians and Technician staff of the Dierenklinieck De Morette, Asse, Belgium have been using The Stableizer® for the last 10 years and fully endorse this product. We have found it to be very helpful in most procedures and find it very helpful on young horses especially and on foals. I have used The Stableizer® in place of drugs in applying Shock Wave Treatment to numerous horses without any other contention and received no reaction. While in Belgium Buck Wheeler instructed all our staff, farriers, invited quests and horsemen in the different uses of The Stableizer®.

Dr. Oliver Simon, DVMEquine Surgeon, Diplomate ACVS | Asse, Belgium

Having used The Stableizer® prior to Buck coming to England and benefitting from his experience, I foundThe Stableizer® to be a very useful piece of equipment in the breaking in and calming of young horses. We have used it on a number of yearlings and found we probably have the best mannered horses we have ever had to deal with.

Clive E BrittainRacehorses | Callburg, New Market, England

Whistlejacket Equine Surgery routinely uses The Stableizer® and has found it to be highly effective to use in place of a twitch. It is especially useful for simple procedures such as collecting blood from foals, dental floating, nerve blocking and scoping. Unlike twitching the horse, which can sometimes have unpredictable results The Stableizer® can be relied upon to give an effective measure of control over the patient.

Dr. Oliver C. Davis, MRCVSWhistlejacket Equine Surgery | England

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