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Udderly Satisfied


By January 25, 2018April 30th, 2022No Comments

For busy people, the Ultimate EZ Milker is a time-saver extraordinaire.

Melinda Joy Weer is a freelance copy editor, homeschool teacher, retired GIS analyst, programmer, cartographer, and structural geologist. She also raises Nigerian Dwarf goats, so she needs the easiest, most efficient means of milking her caprines.

Melinda notes on her blog: “I walked around my house and barn and took pictures of all the supplies that I use for my herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats. Taking pictures was the easiest way for me to catalog all the items I use. … I’ve been raising goats since 2004, so I have accumulated a lot of things. But, that also means I’ve gotten a good idea of which things are actually needed.”

And one of those items is the Ultimate EZ Milker. Melinda has been a fan of EZ milkers for years. She bought her first one “when Buck Wheeler was still in the development stage and had just come up with the small inflations for the Nigerians. It still works great after all these years (since 2007), though it is probably due for new gaskets as it doesn’t hold the vacuum as well as it did when it was new.”

So Melinda upgraded. “Ta-da! Here is my brand new Ultimate EZ Milker. I am so excited. I will have six does on milk test this year (instead of just milking one doe for our family), so I splurged.”

Showing the versatility of the milkers, Melinda adds: “I also bought some small bottles and lambar nipples. … The idea here is that I will collect the milk directly into the small bottles, which will fit better under the smaller Nigerians, and then pop a lambar nipple into the top of the collection bottle. I can feed the kids out of the same bottles that I use to collect milk!”

Melinda’s enthusiasm illustrates how useful the EZ Milkers are for small livestock holders everywhere.